Kyokushin Karate Arizona

Learn Kyokushin Karate in Arizona at our dojo.

We are dedicated teaching and also learning kyokushin karate. We have our teacher(Sensei) Erno who is a 3 Dan black belt with 23 year of practicing kyokushin karate with great knowledge of kumite, kata, and bunkai.

Kyokushin Today

Existing as a single organization under the leadership of the founder, Mas Oyama, the Kyokushin organization, after the Master’s passing, broke down into various groups, each claiming their own authority as representing the original Honbu. Various other organizations have stemmed from Kyokushin and teach similar techniques but go by different names.

Also, numerous dojos throughout the world claim to teach a Kyokushin curriculum without formal connection to the organization. Although difficult to quantify, it is conjectured that the number of students and instructors involved in learning or teaching the style or one of its close variations around the world is significant and numbers in the millions.[citation needed] Oyama’s widow died in June 2006 after a long illness.

*According to the Japanese legal system the Custodian of Oyama’s intellectual property and legacy is the youngest of his daughters, Kikuko (also known as Kuristina) who now operates the original IKO Honbu.