What the student say…

Here you can read about what is going on in our dojo at Scottsdale Karate Kyokushin. How we train, how the karate students handle the hard kyokushin training, the heat, the full contact fights. Do we have fun here practicing martial arts? Are they loving what they do or are they miserable after and during the training? What are the goals, what are the steps in the martial way, the BUDO? Are they improved physically and mentally?

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6 Replies to “What the student say…”

  1. It`s really awesome that I`ve never had one training canceled, ever, consistency and continuous trainings pay off! And, I can plan my evenings way ahead including the weekends…! Osu!

  2. I’ve been training with Sempai Erno for about 6 months now. Previously I had trained with another Kyokushin instructor for 3 years, and I think that Erno is a fantastic teacher. I am diabetic, and when I first joined, I had nerve damage in my feet and eyes, and now both complications are reversing. I have better circulation, better cardio health and I have gotten my blood sugar under tight control. Erno constantly pushes his students to improve, and I always leave class feeling like I accomplished something. I am impressed by his integrity and his true desire to represent the Kyokushinkai in it’s best sense. Osu!

  3. Osu! Thanks Matt. I am happy that you feel better, stronger and healthier. Keep up the good work.

  4. Osu. I was wondering if you are including Self-Defense techniques and the Bunkai for them in the Dojo training. Thank you. Osu.

  5. Osu!

    Yes, I do. I believe this: we can do better in Kata ( essentially in Kumite too) if we know why we do certain move in a certain way… Of course we like our student to learn the kata first then we will explain….

    Bunkai is a very important aspect of karate.


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